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The Community KIDS Vision

We really believe in giving our Community KIDS a high quality, culturally responsive early learning experience.

Our vision is for kids from all communities to participate in early childhood education and to be ready for a successful life-long learning journey.

New Zealand is a naturally beautiful and wonderfully diverse place to live. Parents bringing up their children within our communities have the same aspirations of raising happy, healthy and positive Community KIDS.

We share these aspirations with parents, and provide a rich and diverse education and care programme based on Te Whāriki, the New Zealand curriculum.

Our hope is to make early learning accessible to everyone and we offer 20 ECE hours and assistance with WINZ subsidies with focused support for Community KIDS with special educational needs and other priority groups.

We also offer FREE SCHOOL TRANSPORT and our "WHĀNAU FIRST FEES POLICY" ensures that our service is accessible and affordable for everyone.

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