Welcome to Community KIDS Early Learning Centres

We provide a high quality, culturally responsive  early learning experience for each of the communities that we serve.

New Zealand is a naturally beautiful country made up of so many wonderful cultures, identities and languages. We are very proud of our heritage and acknowledge the diverse and unique communities that we live in.

As parents, we share a common aspiration to see our little kiwis fly. To help them soar, we understand that a good start is needed to ensure a successful life-long learning journey.

Community KIDS Early Learning Centres offer unique environments to promote learning development and positive socialisation. Each centre is special to its community - based on geographical area (neighbourhood, suburb or region) or even on a cultural or ethnic community.

We provide an early learning experience that allows children to grow in confidence and discover their own special place in the world. We encourage the development of knowledge through play and celebrate our diverse languages and identity through culturally responsive practice.

We focus on the pastoral care and holistic education of each child by providing authentic and fun-filled learning opportunities.